Tab Management

Opening Tabs

You can use the :tab command to modify a command that switches the window content or opens a new window to instead open a new tab. For example:

:tab rooms

The above command will open the list of joined rooms in a new tab. Similarly, if you already know what room you want to open:

:tab join

The above command is equivalent to running:


You can also press <C-W>gf while navigating a list of rooms and users to open it in a new tab instead.

Switching Tabs

You can move forwards or backwards through the open tabs using gt or gT respectively. If you know want to go to a specific tab, you can prefix gt with the tab number you want to focus on.

If you prefer using commands, you can use :tabn and :tabp to move between tabs instead of the keybindings.

You can also move to the first or last tab using :tabfirst and :tablast.

Organizing Tabs

You can rearrange your tabs using the :tabmove command, like you would in Vim:

  • :tabmove with no arguments moves the current tab to the end of the tab list
  • :0tabmove will move the current tab to the beginning of the tab list
  • :-tabmove will move the current tab left in the tab list
  • :+tabmove will move the current tab right in the tab list

Closing Tabs

You can close a tab using :tabclose. This will close the current tab with no arguments, but you can specify a position to close:

  • :tabclose 3 will close the third tab
  • :tabclose $ will close the last tab

If you want to close all tabs but the current one, use :tabonly.