Keybinding Reference

iamb keybindings

Normal, Visual^Wm^W^MSee Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual^Wz^W^ZSee Organizing Windows

Vim keybindings

Note that this is not a complete list of all Vim keybindings available within iamb, but just some of those referenced and explained throughout this documentation.

Normalgt<C-PageDown>See Switching Tabs
NormalgT<C-PageUp>See Switching Tabs
NormaloSee Sending
NormalOSee Sending
Normal, Visual^B<PageUp>See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual^ESee Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual^F<PageDown>See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual^DSee Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual^USee Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual^Wf^W^FSee Opening Tabs
Normal, Visual^Wh^W^HSee Switching Windows
Normal, Visual^WHSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual^Wj^W^JSee Switching Windows
Normal, Visual^WJSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual^Wk^W^KSee Switching Windows
Normal, Visual^WKSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual^Wl^W^LSee Switching Windows
Normal, Visual^WLSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual^Wo^W^OSee Closing Windows
Normal, Visual^Wq^W^QSee Closing Windows
Normal, Visual^Ws^W^SSee Opening Windows
Normal, Visual^WTSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual^Wv^W^VSee Opening Windows
Normal, Visual^YSee Message Scrollback