Keybinding Reference

iamb keybindings

Normal, Visual<C-W>m<C-W><C-M>See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual<C-W>z<C-W><C-Z>See Organizing Windows

Vim keybindings

Note that this is not a complete list of all Vim keybindings available within iamb, but just some of those referenced and explained throughout this documentation.

Normal, VisualgfSee Following Matrix IDs
Normalgt<C-PageDown>See Switching Tabs
NormalgT<C-PageUp>See Switching Tabs
Normalm{a-z}See Message Scrollback
NormalnSee Message Scrollback
NormalNSee Message Scrollback
NormaloSee Sending
NormalOSee Sending
NormalyySee Message Scrollback
NormalYSee Message Scrollback
Normal'{a-z}See Message Scrollback
Normal/See Message Scrollback
Normal?See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual<C-B><PageUp>See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual<C-E>See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual<C-F><PageDown>See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual<C-D>See Message Scrollback
Normal<C-I><Tab>See Switching Windows
Normal<C-L>Force the window to redraw
Insert<C-N>See Sending
Normal<C-O>See Switching Windows
Insert<C-P>See Sending
Normal, Visual<C-U>See Message Scrollback
Normal, Visual<C-W>f<C-W><C-F>See Following Matrix IDs
Normal, Visual<C-W>gfSee Following Matrix IDs and Opening Tabs
Normal, Visual<C-W>h<C-W><C-H>See Switching Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>HSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>j<C-W><C-J>See Switching Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>JSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>k<C-W><C-K>See Switching Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>KSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>l<C-W<C-L>See Switching Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>LSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>o<C-W><C-O>See Closing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>q<C-W><C-Q>See Closing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>s<C-W><C-S>See Opening Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>TSee Organizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>v<C-W><C-V>See Opening Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>-See Resizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>+See Resizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W><See Resizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>>See Resizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-W>=See Resizing Windows
Normal, Visual<C-Y>See Message Scrollback