Command Reference

iamb commands

:chatsSee Browsing Rooms And DMs Together
:createSee Room Creation
:dmsSee Browsing Direct Messages
:downloadSee Downloading Attachments
:editSee Editing Messages
:editorSee Sending
:invite acceptSee Room Invitations
:invite rejectSee Room Invitations
:invite sendSee Room Invitations
:joinSee Joining And Leaving Rooms
:keys exportSee Exporting / Importing Keys
:keys importSee Exporting / Importing Keys
:leaveSee Joining And Leaving Rooms
:logoutLog out of the client.
:membersSee Viewing Room/Space Members
:openSee Downloading Attachments and Opening Links
:reactSee Reacting To A Message
:redactSee Redacting A Message
:replySee Replying To A Message
:roomsSee Browsing Rooms
:room name setSee Setting Room Properties
:room name unsetSee Setting Room Properties
:room tag setSee Setting Room Tags
:room tag unsetSee Setting Room Tags
:room topic setSee Setting Room Properties
:room topic unsetSee Setting Room Properties
:spacesSee Browsing Spaces
:unreactSee Reacting To A Message
:uploadSee Sending
:verifySee Verification
:welcomeShows the startup Welcome window

Vim commands

:close:cloSee Closing Windows
:horizontal:horSee Opening Windows
:leftabove:lefta, :aboveleft, :aboSee Opening Windows
:only:onSee Closing Windows
:quitall:qa, :qall, :quitaSee Closing Windows
:quit:qSee Closing Windows
:resizeSee Resizing Windows
:rightbelow:rightb, :belowright, :belSee Opening Windows
:split:spSee Opening Windows
:tabSee Opening Tabs
:tabclose:tabcSee Closing Tabs
:tabedit:tabe, :tabnewSee Opening Tabs
:tablast:tablSee Switching Tabs
:tabmove:tabmSee Organizing Tabs
:tabnext:tabnSee Switching Tabs
:tabonly:taboSee Closing Tabs
:tabprevious:tabp, :tabNext, :tabNSee Switching Tabs
:tabrewind:tabr, :tabfirst, :tabfirSee Switching Tabs
:vertical:vertSee Opening Windows
:vsplit:vs, :vspSee Opening Windows