From a package manager

Arch Linux

Using your preferred AUR helper, you can install iamb-git. For example, using paru:

paru iamb-git


pkgin install iamb


There is an iamb package available in the 23.05 channel, or, if you have enabled flakes in Nix, you can install iamb from the Git repository via:

nix profile install "github:ulyssa/iamb/latest"

You can replace latest with a branch or specific version tag name if you want to install something besides the most recent release (e.g. main or v0.0.8).

GitHub Releases

You can find binaries built for x86_64 Linux from the Releases page on GitHub.


You can install the most recently published version of iamb from using cargo:

$ cargo install --locked iamb

This will install the iamb binary to ~/.cargo/bin/, which you should then place in your $PATH.

From Git Repository

If you are working on iamb or need a change that has not yet been published, you can clone the source from GitHub and build from that:

$ git clone
$ cd iamb
$ cargo build --release
$ ./target/release/iamb --version
iamb 0.0.8 (89bb107)