iamb is a terminal-based client for Matrix for the Vim addict. You can edit messages, navigate windows and manage tabs in the same ways that your fingers are used to from your favorite text editor!

Example Usage

Reading This Documentation

This documentation indicates keybindings using the following conventions:

  • The control key is shown with a leading caret; for example, ^W is Ctrl-W.
  • Named keys are shown between angle brackets; for example, <Space> is the space bar.
  • Sequences of keys to be pressed are shown in the order to press them; for example, ^Wgf indicates that you should type Ctrl-W, then g, and finally f.


iamb is free and open source. You can find the source code, report bugs and request features on GitHub.

If you find a mistake in this documentation, you can report it or submit a pull request at the GitHub repository.

Most of the Vim emulation in iamb comes from the modalkit crate. If you find a bug in text editing, window management, or need a Vim keybinding added, you can file an issue there.

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iamb and its documentation are released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.